Senior Scientist - Protein Chemistry

Location Wrocław
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We are proud to collaborate with an innovative biotech company, which is looking for:

Senior Scientist in Protein Chemistry

Location: Poland

This time we team up with an innovative company, focused on some ground-breaking research on degraders of difficult-to-drug molecular targets – a group of ambitious people, looking to make an impact on the global biotech market with their original ideas.

Our Client is looking for an established senior scientist, expert in Protein Chemistry, a passionate and dedicated person, with an expertise to be a leader of Our Client’s Protein Facility.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a skilled and technically accomplished individual, to join a Company developing world-changing therapies in oncology.

  • Conducting and designing experimental investigations
  • Designing strategies towards protein expression and purification in different systems (bacteria, insect, yeast, mammalian cultures) – with a particular focus on different labelling strategies, construct optimization, mutagenesis
  • Biophysical characterization of proteins, their structure and functions – using different techniques (CD, fluorescence, calorimetry, X-ray, NMR and others)
  • Communicating research findings with the wider team and senior management and partners
  • Mentoring and teaching younger scientific staff
  • The position includes working in the lab, as a 70% of whole working time
Required skills
  • MSc or PhD in Biological Sciences or related disciplines and minimum of 5 years of postdoctoral (7 years post-MSc) experience in academia or industry
  • Technical experience in molecular biology, protein engineering, recombinant protein production and purification
  • Proficient knowledge of expression and purification of protein in bacterial cultures using all types of chromatography (FPLC, HPLC, Affinity, IEX, SEC)
  • Proficient theoretical and practical knowledge of analysis of protein samples (Western Blot, Coomassie, Silver staining, methods, spectroscopic methods) – in protein structure, function and stability
  • Very good knowledge of protein production in mammalian or insect cells
  • Knowledge of protein crystallization would be considered a great advantage.
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