Senior Scientist - Medicinal Chemistry

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We are proud to collaborate with an innovative biotech company, which is looking for:

Senior Scientist in Medicinal Chemistry

Location: Poland

This time we team up with an innovative company, focused on some ground-breaking research on degraders of difficult-to-drug molecular targets – a group of ambitious people, looking to make an impact on the global biotech market with their original ideas.

Our Client is looking for an established and independent senior scientist, expert in Medicinal Chemistry, a dedicated person,

Support Our Client’s lead generation efforts.

This is a wonderful opportunity for a skilled and technically accomplished individual, to join a Company developing world-changing therapies in oncology.

  • Performing chemoinformatic analysis of the data
  • Building SAR models and designing analogue creating campaigns
  • Leading and supporting the lead generation efforts of the team
  • Performing small molecule chemical syntheses in Structure-Based Drug Design and Ligand-Based Methods to support Hit-to-Lead efforts
  • Working at the interface between project leaders and technology leaders from synthetic organic chemistry, assay development, molecular modelling and screening campaigns.
Required skills
  • PhD in organic or medicinal chemistry, with at least 3 years of working experience with small molecules in an industrial environment
  • Proficiency in Structure-Based Drug Design and Ligand-Based Methods to support Hit-to-Lead efforts, while experience in lead optimization and knowledge of ADME is considered as an asset
  • Great knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry
  • Excellent understanding of biological data, e.g. EC50, curve shapes, a dynamic range of the assays etc.
  • Proficient knowledge of chemoinformatics and modelling tools (in particular Schrodinger suite, ChemAxon, CDD Vault, TIBCO Spotfire)
  • Knowledge of biochemical, biophysical protein-centric assays (e.g. SPR, calorimetry, NMR fluorescence polarization) and cell assays (gene reporter, pharmacological) is considered a strong benefit.
Last modified Thursday, December 20, 2018