Senior Scientist in Medicinal Chemistry / drug discovery

Location Wroclaw, Poland
Employment type Full-time
Offer description

Together with a leading Polish biotech company, we are looking for an experienced individual for a position of Senior Scientist in Medicinal Chemistry.


Your main role will be ligand-based and structure-based design of the small molecules toward their desired activity, collaboration with synthetic organic chemistry labs, and “SAR-by-catalog” search.




  • Conceptual and laboratory work in the area of medicinal chemistry,
  • Conceptual and laboratory work in designing of small molecules inducing protein degradation,
  • Engagement in Hit-2-Lead campaigns,
  • Effective communication with CROs and consultants,
  • Management of small team of researchers executing the project,
  • Literature search and analysis in the area of project interest including patent writing and analysis,
Required skills



  • PhD in medicinal or organic chemistry,
  • Laboratory experience in research institutes and/or industry (minimum 3 years),
  • Experience in the methods of synthetic and medicinal chemistry,
  • Proven track record of Hit-2-Lead projects,
  • Knowledge of patent writing and patent analysis,
  • Knowledge SBDD and FBDD methods in drug discovery is considered as a great benefit,
  • Experience in computational methods and workflow automation is welcomed,
  • independence in conceptual and laboratory work



  • Full-time employment in a quickly growing biotechnological enterprise,
  • Constant professional development and gaining new qualifications,
  • Friendly and scientificaly challegning work environment.



We are exciting to discuss with you this career opportunities. 

Last modified Friday, August 12, 2022