PI Scientist / Leader - Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery

Location Basel, Switzerland or Wroclaw, Poland
Employment type full-time
Offer description

Job context:

The role of a Principal Investigator / Scientist Leader / Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery is for an experienced medicinal chemist to lead team and all the aspects of medicinal chemistry with special emphasis on hit-to-lead and lead optimization campaigns in the area of Targeted Protein Degradation.

Key Tasks:


Key Tasks:

  • Active contribution to project development in the area of drug discovery and development,
  • Data analysis in the areas of FBLG, SBDD, DMPK, and molecular modelling,
  • Close support of medicinal chemists (both internal and outsourced), cancer biologist, and biophysicist),
  • Reporting results to SVP Chemistry and CSO,
  • Effective communication with CROs and consultants,
  • Management and mentoring of small team of researchers executing the project,
  • Literature search and analysis in the area of project interest including patent writing and analysis.
Required skills



  • PhD in medicinal or organic chemistry,
  • Laboratory postdoctoral experience in research institutes and/or industry (minimum 5 years),
  • Experience in the methods of synthetic and medicinal chemistry,
  • Proven track record of Hit-2-Lead and Lead Optimization projects,
  • Experience in small team management,
  • Knowledge of patent writing and patent analysis,
  • Knowledge of SBDD and FBDD methods in drug discovery is considered as a great benefit,
  • Knowledge of computational methods and workflow automation is welcomed,
  • Fluent English
  • Independence in conceptual and laboratory work,
  • Ability to travel once/twice a month to Wroclaw site (HQ) in Poland




The Offer:

  •  Having direct impact on drug discovery and development projects in difficult-to-drug molecular targets,
  •  Full-time employment in a quickly growing outstanding biotechnological company,
  • Opportunities for a constant professional development,
  • Multiple trainings for the employees,
  • External trainings, conferences, workshops,
  • Friendly work environment with high-level science.
  • Office in Basel with business trips to Wroclaw (HQ).
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