Computational Chemist / Structure-Based Drug Design

Offer description

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Computational Chemist / Structure-Based Drug Design

Location: Poland


Together with an innovative, Polish-Swiss biotech company, we are looking for an experienced scientist with strong technical and problem-solving skills in the field of Computational Chemistry. 


Ideal candidate should possess proven scientific skills and accomplishments in industrial setting. Main responsibilities include Structure-Based Drug Design (SBDD), support of hit expansion, hit-to-lead, lead optimization and molecular docking. 

Proficiency of drug discovery packages, e.g. Schrodinger, OpenEye, MOE or Cresset is a must.


Key responsibilities:

  • Structure- and ligand-based Drug Design 
  • Performing protein:small molecule and protein:protein docking
  • Virtual screening of molecular databases
  • Support of hit-to-lead campaigns and integration of the biological data
  • Lead optimization for further ligand refinement
Required skills



  • PhD in relevant discipline with minimum of 2 years of experience in industry
  • Expertise in molecular modeling techniques, protein docking methods including induced fit docking
  • Good knowledge of molecular or structural biology and biophysics
  • Experience in application of statistical methods to evaluate properties of studied biological systems
  • Good programming skills
  • Good communication skills and aptitude for teamwork and collaboration with experimentalists
  • Attention to detail and critical thinking capabilities, excellent planning, execution and organizational skills


We offer:

  • Full-time employment in a quickly growing biotechnological enterprise
  • Stock option plan
  • Private healthcare plan
  • Subsidy to sport activity package
  • External and internal trainings in hard and soft skills as well as participation in conferences


We would be happy to discuss with you the career opportunities and guide you through the recruitment process. 

Last modified Wednesday, February 19, 2020